The Company

Since 1984, Wide Loyal Industries Limited has been providing customers from all over the world with high quality decorative lighting products.  And Wide Loyal is the only manufacturer of lightng products that is honored by the Chinese government as a "China Top Brand".


Wide Loyal Factory

Besides supplying the best product to customers, we aim at providing customers with "a comprehensive lighting solution", which is created by the joint force of our marketing teams in Hong Kong, Canada, and USA, as well as our factory located in Zhongshan, China.

Our Plant

Our plant hires more than 6,000 skillful workers, under professional and ISO 9001 certified management. With strict QC (quality control) management and innovative R&D (research and development), the quality is always guaranteed. After the expansion held in year 2000, the monthly production increased over 75% from last year. It is to cater for the continuous expansion of Flexilight market share and the development if new product market. With the expanded production, we can achieve a higher operation and cost efficiency, which can eventually enhance the cost competitive of our products for our customers.

The Bulb Department

Bulb is the heart of lighting products. We devote our utmost attention to the production of bulbs, to ensure that our bulbs are of controlled quality and reliability guaranteed. The raw materials for light bulb are selected under strict quality controls. Components including glass rod, glass tube, dumet wires and tungsten wires are imported from Japan and Taiwan. The bulbs we produced are sub-miniature bulbs, which are small in size :(3mm and 4mm) with extreme brightness. It enables us to enhance the hightest brightness of the products with compacted design, such as Flexilight. The special design of the cone-shaped bulbs can completely release brightness and stand for a high pressure. Bulbs used in Flexilight with horizontal inserting structure are coated with shrinkable tubes, which protect bulbs from pressure when the Flexilight is bent. There is a total quality control system. Each semi-finished bulb and finished bulb must pass quality control test in each stage of the production process. Each bulb must pass our unique digital current inspection and high voltage testing to guarantee the energy efficiency and life span of bulbs. The average life span of each bulb is 35,000 hours. Each bulb is completely vacuum-sealed to ensure no air and contamination inside the bulb. It can avoid negative effect on the brightness and life span of bulbs. Fuse bulb structure prevents the breakage of the whole circuit from the damage of any one single bulb.

The PVC department

We have a team of PVC specialists, engineers and chemists, developing the composition of PVC and supervising the PVC production. Our PVC is non-poisonous, highly transparent, UV and pressure resistant, and with a temperature sustainability from -35C to 105C in normal environment. With our exclusive formula, 25 PVC colors are developed for various fantastic lighting effects.

The R&D department

The R&D department contributes to continuous upgrade and development of products. Working closely with our marketing team, the R&D department gathers and analyses the first hand information in the market trend for product innovations. The prototype of each new product is tested in our laboratory to ensure the quality is recognized by international safety standards.

Wide Loyal Factory

 Wide Loyal

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