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Macau was re-unified with China on December 1999, after the Hong Kong handover in 1997. In this remarkabke moment, the new symbol for Macau and blessing words "Celebration for the Handover, Best wishes for the bright future" was hung highly at the center of macau, which conveyed the joy of the people and delivered the best wishes to Macau's Future.

This lighting decorative display was a part of the Macau Handover celebration. the new symbol and blessing marked the birth of a new century for Macau.
The whole decoration was hung on a building at the side of Nan Wan Lake in Macau. It extended across 15 floors, with a dimension of 117m x 53m, which was the largest lighting decoration for the Handover celebration. The construction of the whole project from design and production to installation took about 3 months. It was composed of 20,000m of Instant Flexilight and 1,500 pieces of icon grid. The design was separated into pieces and made on each grid. The grids were then lifted and fixed on the exterior of the building with wires. by using this method, the 1,500 pieces of grids were assembled on the building to regenerate the design like a puzzle.