Wide loyal LED Rope Light

Wide Loyal LED Rope Light (LED Flexilight)

Ultra Rope Light (Flexilight) with LED (Light Emitting Diode), contrastive to traditional filament bulbs, the energy saving; environment friendly and durability characteristics utilize the new tendency within the Lighting Industries.


Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a chemical substance, which can emit light when current passes through. The characteristics of LED are cold light, high pressure resistance, extra long life span and low power consumption (26% of total consumption of standard filament bulb).


Technical Specification of LED Bulbs

Shape Diameter (mm) Viewing Angle Effect
Round 3mm, 5mm 30(Narrow) Concentrated
Concave 3mm, 5mm 120(Narrow) Soft



LED Color Operating Voltage Operating Current Wavelength
White 3.0-3.4V 20mA ----
Warm White 3.0-3.4V 20mA ----
Gold 3.0-3.4V 20mA ----
Pink 3.0-3.4V 20mA ----
Pure Green 3.0-3.4V 20mA 519-526mm
Blue 3.0-3.4V 20mA 463-472mm
Yellow 1.8-2.4V 20mA 585-601mm
Red 1.8-2.4V 20mA 619-630mm
Orange 1.8-2.4V 20mA 603-608mm

Round LED
Concave LED